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Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel


Location: Tel-Aviv-Yafo, Israel

What is Soluto?

Soluto is a service for people who help others
with their technology.

If you're a power user, you probably receive phone calls from friends and family for everyday tech support.
If you're not a power user, you probably have someone you call. That's exactly where Soluto comes in: it's a web application that helps power users help their friends, family and colleagues.

Slow Computer is frustrating the user

What can power users do with Soluto?

  • Support PCs, MACs, mobile devices, tablets and servers
  • See what applications have been non-responsive or crashing recently
  • Remotely install and update Skype, Dropbox, etc across all devices.
  • Configure default browser, homepage and search provider
  • See CPU temperature, fan speed, etc.
  • Configure mobile device security settings
  • Learn about your battery health
  • Remove browser toolbars and other add-ons
  • And more and more and more...
Slow Computer is frustrating the user

How does it work?

A power user joins the service and sends invitations to friends that need help with their devices. These invitations include a unique URL to download an agent that communicates with our back-end servers. As soon as the friends install the agent, the power user starts receiving notifications about various device frustrations they experience, and can take simple remote actions to help them.

Slow Computer is frustrating the user

Power users can take care of devices even if they’re turned off or in another country. And, best of all, the people being helped don’t need to do a thing. It all happens as if by magic.
Power users have no access to people’s desktop, files or browsing history; it's all about the non-personal technical aspects of the devices.